CEE Champions 2023: official sponsor Lorgar offers awesome giveaways

Lorgar has announced fantastic giveaways, giving tournament participants an incredible opportunity to win a variety of amazing prizes, including top-of-the-line gaming peripherals and even gaming chairs. The total amount of the devices from Lorgar and other partners for the tournament-winning country is $15,000! This is a unique chance for gaming enthusiasts to elevate their gaming setup with cutting-edge equipment from Lorgar.

To become a winner of a giveaway, you need to complete tasks listed on the tournament website. Some tasks can be completed once, while others can be completed daily. Each entry/point serves as a unique ticket, increasing your chances of winning. For example, 100 entries/points mean 100 chances to win one of the prizes. The giveaway will be open to residents of the tournament-winning country.

In addition to the Winner’s Giveaway, there will be a Global Giveaway worth $3,000, available to all fans. Not to forget the Mini Challenge Winner Giveaway worth $2,000, open to all fans of the winner of the mini challenge. In the Mini Challenge wins the streamer with the best-recorded score in a selected game over given period.

Now, let’s take a look at the prizes from Lorgar:

Lorgar Mouse Stricter 579
Lorgar Mousepad Legacer 755
Lorgar Headset Kaya 360
Lorgar Webcam Rapax 701
Lorgar Microphone Voicer 521
Lorgar Chair Ace 422 Blue

Complete daily tasks and gain the advantage in the final draw! The giveaway concludes on December 23, 2023, at 11:59 PM. The winners will be drawn in the upcoming days, and they will be contacted shortly.

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