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About Ace 422

This Lorgar Ace 422 gaming chair invites you to kick back and relax.

Its dense cold-moulded memory foam seat is designed to conform to your body shape. The upholstery is made of a durable anti-stain fabric – it is pleasant to your skin and easy to look after.

With the included neck and lumbar support pillows, you can maintain a healthy posture and reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions. The Lorgar Ace 422 is built around a sturdy 1.8mm metal frame, making it incredibly durable. The backrest can be reclined to an impressive angle of up to 155 degrees, and the five-star aluminium base ensures stability when leaning back.

Moving around your workspace is a breeze with the large 75mm PU casters, which provide quiet movement while being safe for your floor. You can adjust the chair's height with the powerful Class 4 Gas Lift to find the perfect comfort level. The armrests are also adjustable, with four axes, including height, rotation, forward-aft, and inward-outward movement. Hands down, you can rely on these reinforced metal armrests to hold up to your use. This model can support up to 150 kilos without showing any strain.

For us, proper gaming chair design isn't just about comfort. It's about the care for our customers' well-being.


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Special anti-stain fabric and memory foam feelings

For those of you who do not like leather seats, we use high-quality fabric with excellent stretch and durability. The anti-stain treatment provides resistance to liquids and dirt, making cleaning much easier. The dense cold-moulded memory foam seat follows your body shape. It is difficult to find anything better than that for a gaming chair.


Metal Frame

We used precision robotic welding to put together the frame. With a metal thickness of 1.8mm, it will serve you for years and years without any deformation. You’re probably leaving this chair for your grandkids.


Reinforced 4D Armrests

The armrests are adjustable to your liking with four degrees of freedom. We guarantee you’ll be able to find a comfortable armrest position just for you. You can rely on them – the metal base is sturdy enough to withstand the load.


Class 4 Gas Lift

An integral part of any gaming chair, the Class 4 Gas Lift ensures long-lasting operation with a constant load of 150 kilograms.


Multiblock Mechanism

The rocking mechanism allows you to kick back and even lock any inclined angle for your seat between 0° and 13°.


90° – 155° Adjustable Backrest

Whether you are at your peak productivity, casually gaming, or watching some content & chilling – you are provided with a respectable range of backrest adjustments. Well, you can even sleep in this chair if you want to.


Aluminium Alloy Five-star Base

A five-star alloy base is dependable. It is sturdy, stays stable, and provides even contact with the surface.


Large 75mm PU Casters

Sizeable casters made of soft-touch material will roll around easily while also being gentle on the floors.


Headrest and Lumbar Support Pillows

These will support your back, neck, and shoulders during longer gaming sessions. Both pillows are removable. As you might get used to the comfort, there is a temptation to carry them along to your car or office.

Parameters & specifications

  • Article:
  • Chair Features:
    Multiblock Mechanism
    Headrest Support Pillow
    Lumbar Support Pillow
    5-Star Aluminium Base
  • Frame Material:
  • Casing Material:
  • Height Adjustment:
    Class 4 Gas Lift
  • Backrest:
  • Maximum Backrest Angle:
    155 °
  • Minimum Backrest Angle:
    90 °
  • Armrests Material:
  • Armrests Features:
    4D Adjustable
  • Wheels:
    75mm Anti-Scratch PU Casters
  • Wheels Quantity:
  • Maximum Suitable Height:
    1320 mm
  • Minimum Suitable Height:
    1250 mm
  • Maximum Suitable Weight:
    150 kg
  • User's Height:
    160 cm - 185 cm
  • Chair Width:
    570 mm
  • Chair Height:
    1320 mm
  • Chair Depth:
    490 mm
  • Chair Weight:
    25 kg
  • External Color:
    Black/ Red
  • Warranty Term:
    24 month(s)