Lorgar WP’s Latest Update

Our platform, Lorgar WP, is a shining example of our brand’s daily development. We are passionately working on enhancing Lorgar WP, consistently adding value and advancing our brand’s promise of quality and innovation.

We’re excited to announce a new update for Lorgar WP, designed to expand user functionalities and simplify the user experience. An automatic notification has been sent to all users, inviting them to experience the latest improvements in our platform.

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Learn more about the update’s features:


• The user agreement (Privacy Policy) has been updated on the desktop version. A pop-up window now appears, reminding users of the need to consent to the new privacy rules.
• Added an auto-scroll feature to the button list, scrolling down after adding a mouse or keyboard button.
• Display settings for Stricter 579 mouse are now saved in profiles. All configured images and texts are instantly applied when selecting a profile.
• Improvements have been made to the user interface for RayON light effect profiles.
• Synchronization of previously created profiles and new backlight settings (brightness and speed) has been added.
• In advanced statistics, there is now a button above the keyboard bar chart to display the total or average value.
• Pop-up windows in fullscreen mode (profile and dpi switching) are now non-clickable.
• Improved image quality of the logo on the Stricter 579 mouse display.
• On the Stricter 579 mouse display, when selecting an image in the Select section for the first time, the logo image is now displayed instead of a blank screen.
• On the Stricter 579 mouse display, if a square image format is selected in the Select section, it will no longer stretch but remain square.
• Text on the Stricter 579 mouse display is now more readable thanks to a font change to Arial Black.
• When resetting Stricter 579 mouse settings, it returns to the Lorgar logo.
• The character limit in Stricter 579 mouse settings has been restricted to 12 to avoid entering excessively long texts.
• The “Max” line has been removed from the tooltip for bar charts (it was created for the background, but the Max line itself was removed, and the background was left).
• Bug fixed: Hover on the profiles page, which appeared when hovering over an empty space.
• Bug fixed: The issue of dpi hanging at 1200 has been resolved.
• Bug fixed: Time display in the annual filter of advanced statistics has been corrected.

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