Lorgar Peripherals Review by KODIAK: Quality and Affordability

Lorgar continue collaborations with renowned gamers and this time a famous Hungarian streamer, Kodiak, has tested Lorgar gamer peripherals. Spoiler alert: along with old brands that have been producing good products for decades, Lorgar is breaking into the market and looks really promising. Kodiak has tested the following products: the gamer mouse JETTER 357, the 104-key keyboard AZAR 514, KAYA 460 earphones, and the LORGAR RAPAX 701 webcam. Let’s dive into what Kodiak thinks about Lorgar peripherals. 

Starting with the mouse, Kodiak was surprised by its price. For those seeking a budget-friendly gamer mouse, the JETTER could be an excellent choice. This ergonomic gaming mouse is designed for palm grip, featuring 6 programmable buttons and RGB lighting. To be more specific, Kodiak mentioned:  

“At first glance, there is nothing to complain about; even the thumb rest is in a particularly good place. It’s not too big, and despite the fact that I can only use symmetrical mice, this mouse was completely comfortable for me. Its weight is not excessive, totaling 75 grams. So, its appearance is perfectly fine, but of course, this alone will not suffice to make it a good mouse. Let’s take a look inside. The JETTER utilizes a 1000Hz refresh rate and features a Pixart ATG-4090 sensor”. 

According to Kodiak, Pixart manufactures high-quality sensors, being one of the largest sensor manufacturing companies supplying to many big brands. During the test period, Kodiak’s experience was that this sensor is reliable and accurate, despite being probably a cheaper sensor to his opinion. 

Moving on to the keyboard, one of the standout features of the AZAR 514 is its dual appearance. The massive aluminum frame comes in white by default, but if you prefer a more traditional look, you can attach a black cover to the keyboard. 

“As for the switches”, says Kodiak, “it was not easy for me to find information about them, these switches are not the most common on the market. AZAR utilizes Linear “Dream” switches. These are factory-lubricated 5-pin switches with 40 grams of actuation force and 4 millimeters of total travel. They are certified for 50 million keystrokes, ensuring longevity. Otherwise, the specifications are very similar to the widely popular Cherry MX Red switches, and their sound is also comparable”. 

The KAYA 460 earphones feature fully reversible canvas ear cushions and an adjustable headband. Its noise-canceling microphone can be pulled out and muted. The frequency range of KAYA ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hertz, which Kodiak considers average. One notable aspect, according to Kodiak, is the comfort of wearing these earphones. Kodiak mentioned: 

“It is particularly useful that the microphone lights up in red when it is muted. Also, it is important to note that many things can be set in the earphone software, including how loud the side should be”. 

Kodiak confirmed that the LORGAR RAPAX 701 is a fantastic little camera and he uses it by himself.  

“With auto focus, two microphones with active sound filtering and a lock that can be used to cover the camera if you are not using it and you are worried that someone will take control of it. I am currently using this camera and I am completely satisfied with it.” 

He replaced his old camera, which had a broken base. The RAPAX has a similar design base, but two features make it much more usable. One is that the USB cable can be pulled out of the camera. This greatly facilitates the setup and eventual relocation. The other is that it is connected to the base with a joint, so it can not only be set up and down, but also moved in all directions to easily set the perfect angle for streaming, said Kodiak. 

Finally, like all major brands, Lorgar provides centralized software to coordinate peripherals. According to Kodiak, upon installing Lorgar software, the Well-Played system automatically recognizes your devices, whether it’s a webcam or a mouse. Additionally, if you have multiple RGB devices, you can synchronize the lighting. The software generates statistics on peripheral usage, and users can customize various settings. 

To learn more about KODIAK, you can follow the renowned gamer on Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube channels or read the review in full.


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