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Max Shelest, an esteemed blogger, embarked on an in-depth exploration of gaming microphones Lorgar, shedding light on their technical prowess and performance capabilities. Max’s Brief Conclusion: “Just as you like it, great sound, minimal fuss for reasonable money.” But for those craving deeper insights, delve into Max’s comprehensive review for a closer look at Lorgar microphones’ review:

Fans of Warhammer will dig it. Lorgar is a young brand of gaming devices just starting out in the peripheral market. But when it comes to their microphones, they’re not just for gamers; they’re also aimed at a wider audience like microphone for streaming, bloggers, podcasters, and so on.

The folks at Lorgar say the main idea behind their devices is quality with good design at a reasonable price. Despite having 4 microphones, essentially there are only 2: Soner and Voicer. One is the basic model Lorgar Soner 313, and the other is Voicer 521, which is a bit fancier. The other two are also Lorgar Voicers, 721 and 931. Essentially, they’re the same.

The 931 PC microphone Lorgar comes with a pop filter and a boom arm. So, if you need any extra features like a boom arm, pop filter, etc., you pay for them. If you don’t need any of that, just grab the basic model and you’re good to go. 

By the way, Lorgar has cool packaging; you can tell they put some thought into it.  They’re all nicely packaged, and you wouldn’t expect such packaging from cheap microphones, but here it is. 

Let’s look at Soner 313

The design is the simplest, nothing unusual, just a gaming mic. 

Metal body, metal mesh on top, the stand is the default with plastic mounting and metal legs. It screws onto an adapter. Its function of placing the microphone on the table is… adequate. It does its job with the right angle, and that’s pretty much all you need from it. It connects to a PC or any other device via USB. Its cable is detachable, Type-B format, Type-A. There are two knobs here. One for microphone volume, the other for echo. 

The stand, of course, doesn’t depend on any vibrations. It protects, but you shouldn’t expect much from it. The microphone itself operates in only one mode: cardioid directionality. So it only picks up sound from what’s in front of it. This is good because, for example, for a streamer, this is the most suitable mode. You won’t hear mouse clicks during the broadcast.

Now let’s go back to the gaming microphone Lorgar Voicer 931

Well, since this is the same microphone as the 521 and 721, you can evaluate the difference between them and the 313. I personally hear the difference. In the 313, you hear more background noise. Here, it’s practically not heard.

Voicer is also a basic model, but with better sound. And it’s a bit more interesting itself.

It also has a metal body. There’s only one microphone volume knob. And it’s positioned properly. There’s a touch mute button at the bottom. If you accidentally touch the mute button, there’s a diode in the front that lights up red when the microphone is muted. Or green if it’s not. So you immediately know if you’ve accidentally muted it or not. This model connects with a Type-C Type-A cable. It’s much more convenient.

It has a fully metal stand, which is slightly more stable because it’s thicker. The mounting is plastic, suitable for boom arms. And, by the way, there’s an adapter for narrow mounting here, which the 313 doesn’t have. In addition, there’s also a 3.5mm jack for monitoring sound with headphones.

This computer microphone Lorgar, like the Soner 313, like the 721 and 931 microphones, like all microphones in the lineup, only operates in cardioid directionality mode. One mode for all microphones. So, again, it’s the mode that only records what’s in front of the microphone. 

I think it’s really good that in cheap microphones there isn’t any unnecessary stuff that you just don’t need. Although, on the other hand, if you, for example, need a microphone with a stereo mode, meaning you want to record podcasts with a friend, one sitting on one side of the table, you on the other, with the microphone between you, then stereo mode is definitely needed so it records both of you. And these microphones wouldn’t suit you.

Alright, suppose you’re fine with the 521 model, but you want a better package. For that, there’s the 721. As I already mentioned, the microphone here is exactly the same, only the package changes. The stand here is different too, also metal, but more stable and adjustable in height. Also included in the package is a plastic shock mount and a separate pop filter, so that sharp sounds don’t hit your ears during recording. And the top model of the lineup, the Voicer 931.

Firstly, it already has a volume control knob for headphones, located at the back. Plus, in addition to the shock mount and pop filter, the package includes a boom arm. It’s simple too, the simplest, but well-made, metal, and it’s much more convenient to record or stream with it because table knocks won’t be as audible. If you need to place the microphone directly on the table, then there’s also a regular stand included, exactly the same as in the 521 model. 

From my side, I can add that overall, Lorgar has proven itself quite well, in my opinion, and getting another budget microphone on the market that sounds decent is always a plus. Especially for you, because you have a choice. And speaking of choice, by the way, Lorgar does a cool thing where they offer one microphone, it just comes with additional accessories, which, if you need them, you buy them. If not, you don’t pay for them, just get yourself a microphone that sounds decent. Speaking of sound, I personally liked how the microphone from the 521 and above sounded more, but if, for example, you only need to chat with friends on Discord, you just need an inexpensive microphone, then you can get the basic 313 and not worry about it. 

In his video review, Max goes the extra mile by unpacking, conducting sound comparisons and exploring microphone settings, offering invaluable insights for audio enthusiasts. Curious to hear the results and comparisons with microphones from other manufacturers? Don’t miss out—click the link below to watch Max’s full review.


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