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About Kaya 460

Upgrade your gaming experience with the Kaya 460, a new gaming headset for high-performing players.

This headset is sure to catch the eye of fellow gamers with its RGB backlight, and it is just the beginning of its impressive features.

Made with durable plastic and a metal-reinforced headband, this headset is built to endure. The earcups rotate for maximum comfort and convenience, while the fabric ear pads provide a snug fit.

Immerse yourself in the battle with rich sound from the 40mm speakers. The noise-cancelling microphone here allows for clear communication with teammates and features a built-in LED light to indicate when you're speaking. And for times when you don't need to talk, simply retract the microphone into the earcup for a minimalistic look.

With a volume wheel and mute button, you can easily control your audio without missing a beat.

Best of all, the Kaya 460 is fully compatible with Lorgar Platform: control and synchronise the backlight, see usage stats, and create individual game profiles.

By the way, this headset is plug-and-play: connect it via USB-A and start gaming right away.

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Build & Design

The Kaya 460 really stands out: the RGB backlight shines, and you control it. The headband is reinforced by metal parts and is fully adjustable. The headset is also friendly to your neck, weighing only 329 grams.


Earcups and Pads

The earcups are rotating, ensuring maximum comfort while in use and convenience for storage. The silky-smooth fabric of ear pads is nice to your skin.


Rich Sound

Thanks to the high-quality 40mm speakers, the sound is so rich and beefy, that it feels almost real. Just give it a try, and you won’t look back.



The noise-cancelling microphone is retractable and offers a perfect readout of your speech. It will take your communication and teamwork to the next level. When not in use, it can be hidden in the earcup.


Audio Control

Control the volume with a real dial, and mute your headset with a real button. Some things feel better when they’re tangible.


Lorgar Platform support

This headset supports Lorgar Platform, so you can see the usage stats, control the RGB backlight or sync it with other Lorgar devices, and create game profiles. Use that to elevate your game!



Plug & Play functionality ensures you’ll get a seamless experience. Connect the Kaya 460 to the most popular gaming platforms via USB-A and enjoy!


Keychain inside

Don’t forget to get your keychain from Lorgar before you dispose of the packaging!

Parameters & specifications

  • Article:
  • Warranty Term (month):
    24 month(s)
  • Audio System Type:
  • Connectivity Technology:
  • Form Factor:
    Full Size (over-ear)
  • Driver Diameter:
    40 mm
  • Mount Type:
  • Audio Output Mode:
  • Sensitivity:
    125 dB
  • Impedance:
    32 Ω
  • Headphones Technology:
  • Frequency Response:
  • System Components:
    2 Speakers
  • Microphone Form Factor:
  • Microphone Features:
    Noise Cancelling
  • Features:
    RGB Backlight
  • Included Accessories:
    Quick Start Guide
  • Width (mm):
    192 mm
  • Height (mm):
    184.7 mm
  • Depth (mm):
    88 mm
  • Nominal Weight:
    0.329 kg
  • Cable Length:
    2 m
  • Software Included:
    Lorgar Platform
  • External Color:
  • Vendor:
  • Product type:
    Gaming Headset
  • Marketing Model Name:
    Kaya 460

The kit contains

  • Headset
  • Branded keychain