Comparing Lorgar’s Main, Legacer and Steller mouse pads: A guide for gamers

In the competitive world of gaming, every detail can make a difference, including the mouse pad you use. Lorgar, a leading brand in gaming peripherals, offers a range of gaming mouse pads designed to enhance your gaming experience. This article will compare three of their offerings: the Main, the Legacer, and the Steller series.

All series share some common features:

  • They all have a high-speed surface for fast mouse movement.
  • They all feature a superior anti-slip rubber base to ensure stability during intense gaming sessions.
  • They are all optimized for all mouse sensitivities and sensors, ensuring compatibility with any gaming setup.


The Main is a large-sized gaming mouse Lorgar pad designed for fast mouse movement. Its super glide surface, made possible by special low-resistance fibers, ensures stellar maneuverability of your mouse. The pad is 3mm thick and features trimmed edges for added comfort.


The Legacer is a gaming mouse pad designed to give gamers an edge over their opponents. Its ultra-smooth glide surface, made possible by unique weaving, allows for faster and more precise movements. The pad also features double-stitched edges for increased resistance to wear and tear. An added feature is its water-resistant coating, which repels sweat and dirt and allows easier cleaning.


The Steller is a gaming mouse pad that aims to revolutionize your gaming setup. Like the Main, it features a super glide surface with low-resistance fibers for agile mouse movements. What sets the Steller apart is its advanced RGB backlight, which can be customized via Lorgar Platform. This allows for a mesmerizing and synchronized lighting experience that enhances your gaming ambiance.

In conclusion, while the Main, Legacer, and Steller all offer high-speed surfaces and superior stability, they each have unique features that cater to different gaming needs. The Main is ideal for gamers who prioritize speed, the Legacer is perfect for those who value precision and durability, and the Steller is great for gamers who want to enhance their gaming ambiance with customizable lighting.

When it comes to specific types of games, the best gaming pad can vary. For MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, where precision and control are often more important than speed, the Legacer might be a better choice. Its ultra-smooth glide surface allows for more precise movements, and its double-stitched edges provide increased resistance to wear and tear.

On the other hand, for FPS (First-Person Shooter) games, where quick reflexes and high-speed movements are often crucial, the Main or the Steller could be a better choice. Both these mouse pads feature a high-speed surface that allows for fast mouse movement. The Steller also has an advanced RGB backlight, which could enhance your gaming ambiance.

Regardless of your choice, all three pads promise to enhance your gaming experience. Remember, the best surface ultimately depends on your personal preference and gaming style.

Happy gaming! 😊

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