Lorgar Platform to link up your gear

Don't settle for a basic setup - customize your weapons and dominate the game! Show off your style with lighting and color profiles, macros and button actions, and personalized settings. Get ready to level up your game and crush them all.

Your weapons in one place


Button bindings

Assign functions or actions to any mouse button. For example, you could assign the "reload" action to the mouse wheel button. The game will interpret it as if you pressed reload key on your keyboard.


Macros creation and editing

Set up sequences of multiple actions, keystrokes, and delays. For example, with one click of a mouse, you can switch to your secondary weapon, fire, and then switch back to your primary weapon.

macros Creation & editing

Player profile sharing

Save your settings and share them with other users.

Player profile sharing

Color SCHEME setup

Adjust the backlight, choose your favorite color profile and dominate the competition with flying colors.

Color SCHEME setup

Statistics and analytics

See how you perform. Get your personalized analytics to refine your gameplay.

Statistics and analytics

Personal statistics and analytics

Activity time and ratio
Mouse movement
Number of clicks
Activity in apps and games

Next-Level Personalization

a brand of highly functional gaming devices for advanced gamers who value and enjoy gaming as their hobby.

User configuration saving and sharing
Custom-picked promo offers
Individual statistics and analytics
Personal technical support

Plug&Play Like a Pro

With plug and play connection, you can easily connect your Lorgar devices to a computer or console without hassle.

No need to mess around with drivers and settings: plug in your device and start gaming immediately.

Focus on the game, eyes on the prize.