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About Steller 913

Choose a medium-sized Steller 913 and dominate the game!

This Lorgar mouse pad will revolutionize your gaming setup. The super glide surface with low-resistance fibres makes your moves fast and agile. Have no worries about compatibility – the Steller’s surface is friendly to every sensor type. No matter how active your movement is, the anti-slip rubber base keeps your mouse pad steady.

The mouse pad has an advanced RGB backlight, but words aren’t enough: you need to see it in action. Connect the Steller mouse pad to your gaming rig via USB and customize it with Lorgar Platform. While you’re at it, sync it with compatible Lorgar devices, such as your Lorgar mouse. Now, what you’re getting is a mesmerizing and synchronized lighting experience that looks jaw-dropping.


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Superior glide surface

Engineered by industry experts, our mouse pads boast smooth, low-resistance fibers that enhance your mouse's speed to lightning-fast levels. The super glide surface further guarantees exceptional controller maneuverability.


Anti-slip rubber base

The superior anti-slip rubber base is as good as glue. With the total pad thickness of 3mm, you’ll be extra comfy.


RGB Backlight

Elevate your gaming setup with the advanced RGB backlight in your mouse pad. Connect it via USB and enjoy a fresh visual experience.


Customization with Lorgar Platform

The experience is fully customizable, thanks to our Lorgar Platform. Select your preferred brightness and colour. Monitor your gaming performance and statistics – see how much time with your new Steller mouse pad has been spent in-game.


Backlight synchronization

Immerse yourself in the harmony of light. Use Lorgar Platform to sync the backlight with your Lorgar mouse or any compatible Lorgar device.


Keychain inside

Be sure to retrieve your branded Lorgar keychain before you throw the package away.

Parameters & specifications

  • Article:
  • Surface Type:
  • Base:
    Superior anti-slip rubber material
  • Compliant Devices:
    Optimized for all mouse sensitivities and sensors
  • Material:
  • Width (mm):
    360 mm
  • Height (mm):
    300 mm
  • Depth (mm):
    3 mm
  • Nominal Weight:
    0.25 kg
  • Warranty Term (month):
    24 month(s)
  • Interface:
  • External Color: