Squeeze the most out of your gaming experience with lightweight and ergonomic Gaming Mouse Jetter 357 by Lorgar

Get the most out of the game with the lightweight and ergonomic Jetter 357 gaming mouse from Lorgar

Lorgar, a fast-growing brand of gaming accessories, presents the first model of the gaming mice Jetter 357 for expanding the possibilities of gaming performance. 

Jetter 357  features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Lorgar WP Gameware
  • PTFE feet
  • Enhanced system of backlight
  • Gaming-grade Pixart sensor
  • 12000 frames per second response rate

Each gaming session with the novelty will be seamless. The high-performance PixArt 4090 optical sensor ensures reliable operation in games even at high DPI settings. The response rate reaches 12,000 FPS (Frames per Second). The model is compatible with all types of gaming surfaces.

The gamers can create their own combinations and customize the mouse for various game scenarios, no matter the genre. This is provided by 6 programmable and durable buttons that can withstand up to 30 million clicks. The Key Balance System (KBS) takes into account each click to ensure the same click resistance level is wherever you press both buttons.

Original Lorgar WP Gameware allows you to access to advanced settings and customization: from mouse backlight to macros logging and keys remapping. Optimize the DPI settings or save several various presets for your game scenarios. Create separate profiles for your favourite games. Track your performance and check personal activity statistics with Lorgar WP Gameware: view mouse speed, range, total number of clicks and much more. Full data is available in the original Lorgar WP Gameware module.

The gamers can adjust the backlight and select one of 6 modes. The RGB backlight system with various effects allows users to customize the mouse’s look to match their personal preferences and gaming rig.

The ergonomic and lightweight (only 75 grams) Jetter 357 gaming mouse feels comfortable regardless of the hand size. At the same time, specially designed PTFE feet ensure smooth and precise gliding even with prolonged use. 

Each mouse package includes a unique gift bundle. There are two fidgetters and branded keychain in the box. The fidgetters are hand warmers with an absorbent effect that improve blood circulation and help you stay productive during long gaming sessions. The branded keychain is hidden in the upper part of the box. Don’t forget your gifts inside before you throw away the box.  

Jetter 357 can do everything that a gaming mouse needs. This model is the best choice for comfortable games and work!

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