Meet the novelty of Lorgar for gaming, streaming and chatting: Gaming Web Camera With Privacy Shutter RAPAX 701

Gaming Web Camera With Privacy Shutter LORGAR RAPAX 701 for gaming, streaming and chatting

Lorgar, a fast-growing brand of gaming accessories, introduces the Rapax 701 web camera with privacy shutter and a high-performing CMOS Imaging Sensor, providing the best video quality during gaming, streaming or chatting.

Lorgar Rapax 701 Features

  • Auto focus
  • 4х HD Digital zoom
  • 2x Stereo mics
  • Active noise reduction
  • Privacy shutter

The Lorgar Rapax 701 webcam is the best gadget for the online world, with which you can show yourself. This model is equipped with 6 built-in lenses which are responsible for high detail and image depth. The device has all necessary features for a perfect image: autofocus, auto white balance, low brightness compensation, and exposure correction. This promises a level of brightness and clarity of the image that you could never imagine when shooting a video using a webcam. 

This model ensures a high-quality picture in a variety of shooting conditions, even far from ideal. The gaming webcam connects and works without installing additional software. Using the device does not require special skills. Just unpack, turn on and enjoy the picture quality no matter what you do: play, stream or chat. The “plug and play” principle supports easy and quick installation. It will take a few minutes to set your webcam up and start to enjoy the game.

The high-performance CMOS image sensor provides video quality up to 2560x1440p (QUAD HD) at 30 fps (frames per second) and 1920px1080p (Full HD) at 60 fps. The webcam creates a pixel-perfect image and an optimized viewing angle, regardless of whether the user is busy playing games, working or chatting.

The Lorgar Rapax 701 cares not only about excellent image transmission, but also about high-quality sound of the user’s speech. The gaming webcam is equipped with highly sensitive stereo microphones for speech transmission at a distance of 0.3 to 3 meters.

Also included are several elements: privacy shutter, 360-degree rotation and angle adjustment. This allows you to customize the settings for the best angle and perspective for shooting. Users can easily mount the camera on a PC monitor with one hand movement or put it on a universal tripod (not included).

The model has a futuristic bold design. The device is available in white, blue or pink body colours.

Try and enjoy Live Streaming Web Camera LORGAR RAPAX 701 for gaming, streaming and chatting!

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