Lorgar WP’s Latest Update

Our platform, Lorgar WP, exemplifies the ongoing evolution of our brand. We are dedicated to continuously improving Lorgar WP, constantly infusing it with added value and progressing our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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! Major Improvement
+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
– Bug fixed

2.13.14P win 64

[!] Changes on the web Download page: fixed the date, added version number with bitness indication, removed the option to choose the version to download (32/64 bit).
[*] The bar chart displaying statistics for other devices now shows data for all 12 months with uniform column width.
[*] Added tooltip in the yearly statistics when transitioning to detailed monthly statistics.
[-] Restored tooltip in the monthly statistics.
[-] Fixed the issue with not displaying statistics for a closed year.
[!] Implemented page layouts for sections “Deals” and “Communities” in the App in Log off state.
[+] The application interface now mirrors the keyboard color when a white keyboard is connected.
[*] Added device priority in the statistics section (keyboard, mouse, mat, headphones).
[*] Improved the daily statistics section for the mat and headphones, where statistics are now recorded for different games.
[-] Removed the information icon in the statistics section for headphones.
[-] Fixed the issue of mouse scroll desynchronization in Stricter and color display in the application interface.
[-] Now all selected games are displayed in connection with RayON.
[-] Fixed a bug where the list of local profiles was not displayed for unauthorized users.
[-] Enhanced synchronization of the selected profile and the display of this profile with a blue dot in the profile section.
[-] Resolved the issue of frequent Log off for users.

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