Lorgar introduces the Azar 514

A transformative mechanical keyboard with enhanced RGB backlight to elevate your gaming experience.

Lorgar, a rapidly evolving brand known for its innovative gaming devices, broadens its product range with the introduction a unique mechanical gaming keyboard that can shapeshift from a classic to a skeleton body. Built on a durable aluminium base, the Lorgar Azar 514 is set to redefine your experience.

The Azar 514 comes with 104 keys, all equipped with Lorgar’s smooth and silent linear “Dream switches”. These switches are designed to withstand 50 million cycles, ensuring this gadget will be a long-lasting addition to your setup. The operation force is 40 g-force, with an actuation point of 2 mm, providing a swift and responsive experience.

No need to worry about compatibility; the Azar 514 is fully customizable via Lorgar Platform. This allows you to personalize your devices to match your gaming style and setup. The keyboard also features an enhanced RGB system of backlight, illuminating your gaming space with a vibrant display of colors.

Gaming keyboard Lorgar Azar 514 doesn’t just stop at being a high-performance gaming gear. It also offers quality-of-life design choices such as adjustable rubberized feet, a removable Type C spring cable that can stretch up to 3.4m, and a cable management system to keep your workspace organized. Monochrome or black colors are available, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your aesthetic.

2-in-1 body design is a game-changer. You can switch between a classic and a skeleton body, depending on your preference. The magnetic top cover makes this transformation effortless.

It’s not just an accessory; it’s a revolution in gaming technology. Synchronize it with your mouse pad and headset and immerse yourself in a new world of gaming. Remember to check your statistics and performance to see how much time you’ve spent in-game with your new device.

Don’t forget to grab your branded Lorgar keychain from inside the box before you dispose of the eco-friendly package!

Experience the future of gaming with the keyboard Azar 514. Choose your style and dominate the game!

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