Lorgar becomes official sponsor of CEE Champions 2023 – Streamers edition, CS2 esports tournament

We are thrilled to announce its official sponsorship of the CEE Champions 2023 CS2 Tournament. This event is organized by eSuba, the influential esports brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with strong recognition across Europe.

The CEE Champions 2023 Tournament promises to be a fierce competition with the best esports talent from across Central and Eastern Europe. Notably, Team SLAXER will be representing Ukraine, competing against teams from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Bulgaria for a prize pool of $15,000. The tournament kicks off with a draft stage from early November, followed by a training stage and finally culminating in the main stage from December 3rd to December 6th.

Participating Teams:

  • Czech Republic: Team ITSTEREZ
  • Bulgaria: Team NIKU
  • Hungary: Team PIERCE
  • Romania: Team JAXITV
  • Slovakia: Team REDY
  • Ukraine: Team SLAXER

We invite all Ukranian esports enthusiasts to cheer for Team SLAXER as they strive to bring home the championship! Show your support and be part of the excitement that only the CEE Champions Tournament can offer.

Alongside this high-stakes competition, Lorgar is excited to introduce “The Great Lorgar Giveaway”, a golden opportunity for to win an array of fabulous rewards , including Lorgar’s top-of-the-line gaming gear, together with tens of prizes from other partners, valued at a total of $15,000.

Lorgar’s sponsorship is a testament to its steadfast commitment to the gaming community and, in particular, to the CS2 community. The brand will continue its support for exciting events to celebrate and highlight talent and passion within the esports arena.

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