Gaming brand Lorgar presents a product line of NOAH headsets

Try Lorgar Headsets for the best sound during every game

Enjoy perfect sound quality and strong connection during every game with the new models of NOAH headsets from Lorgar

Lorgar, a fast-growing/ young/ new dynamically growing brand of high-performance accessories for games, presents a series of Noah wireless gaming headsets. The devices produce clean 3D sound. Currently, there are two models in the category that differ only in the type of connection: Noah 701 connects via USB 2.4GHz and BT 5.1, Noah 501 via BT 5.3. 

The Noah 501 and Noah 701 wireless gaming headset models ensure two-way high-quality connection with the game and your PC. Gadgets are equipped with 40 mm speakers with surround sound for deep audio immersion into the game ambiance. Accessories include a retractable microphone with an individual adjustment option. It clearly transmits your comments and advices to teammates. Chat through Lorgar wireless gaming headsets and win together with fun and comfort!

Adaptation of the retractable microphone to the native shape of the user’s face is available. Just put the microphone back when you’re done talking.

During long game sessions, the ears will never get tired of heavy and oppressive headphones. The design of the Lorgar headphones has a soft cushion for the auricle. Now you can play for as long as you can and enjoy your gaming session! 

The adjustable headset size is suitable for any head shape. And the purple breathable LED backlight adds uniqueness to the model of the Lorgar Nogah 701 wireless gaming headset. Noah 501 is distinguished by a red backlight color.

Lorgar’s Noah series are true wireless gaming headsets with low latency for a smooth gaming experience. Choose any platform, be it smartphone, PC or dedicated gaming device – the new products are fully compatible with everything. What’s more, the 1000mA high-capacity battery allows users to have fun for up to 40 hours when Noah 701 connected via 2.4GHz USB or even longer with wireless BT 5.1 technology, and up to 58 hours with Noah 501 via BT 5.3 connection. 

Do not be afraid that the headset will be discharged at the most crucial moment of the game! Play without stopping to recharge your headset! When the game is in full swing, and there is very little charge, it is enough to use the 3.5 mm jack to connect the gadget to the power to continue the session. The cable is included.   After completing your gaming session, recharge the headset using the Type-C cable that is also included in the box.

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