CEE Champions: Streamers Edition 2023 came to an end, but the giveaway continues

The grand finale of CEE Champions: Streamers Edition 2023 concluded on December 6, 2023, wrapping up an intense competition that kicked off on October 25, 2023. The event featured teams from  Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, and Romania, showcasing their gaming skills.

Team NIKU emerged victorious as the champions of Streamers Edition 2023, claiming the top spot after a fierce competition. Hailing from Bulgaria, NIKU showcased exceptional teamwork and skill, earning a noteworthy prize of $10,000 from the tournament’s prize pool.

SLAXER, representing Ukraine, secured an impressive 2nd place in the tournament, showcasing their gaming prowess and earning a well-deserved prize of $3,000. The third-place spot went to REDY from Slovakia, whose strategic gameplay and skillful execution earned them a prize of $2,000. Meanwhile, JAXI from Romania demonstrated proficiency, securing 4th place.

The competition was intense, highlighting the dedication and determination of the players throughout the tournament. CEE Champions: Streamers Edition attracted significant attention from gaming enthusiasts globally, with thousands tuning in to witness the thrilling final match.

In addition to the exciting gameplay, Lorgar announced fantastic giveaways for the winning country, providing participants with a chance to win incredible prizes, including top-notch gaming peripherals and even gaming chairs. The total value of the devices from Lorgar and other partners amounted to $15,000, offering a unique opportunity for gamers to enhance their setups with cutting-edge equipment.

The giveaway is still active, and results will be announced on the 23rd of December 2023 at 11:59 PM. The fans from Bulgaria have still time to visit the website, complete tasks, and boost their chances of winning great prizes from Lorgar and partners.

Lorgar remains committed to supporting the gaming community and will continue to sponsor exciting events like CEE Champions: Streamers Edition 2023, showcasing and celebrating the remarkable talent and passion within the gaming world.


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