Bulgarian champion “Niku” gives Lorgar devices a solid 10 out of 10

Lorgar, known for producing high-quality gear to enhance gamers’ performance, was one of the partners for CEE Champions: Streamers Edition 2023, providing an excellent opportunity for participants to test its gear. Famous Bulgarian streamer Nikola “Niku” Gyaurov was a captain and gathered Bulgarian dream team and as a result, he won $10,000, along with an additional $10,000 in prizes as part of a giveaway for the Bulgarian community. You can find more information about the famous streamer on his Twitch channel, Instagram and YouTube.

Niku tried Lorgar gear and rated the overall impression of brand devices as 10 out of 10. He certainly recommends Lorgar brand to his friends and community and, by the way, his followers often ask if Lorgar is a good brand, and Niku’s answer is definitely “yes.” Niku highlighted the packaging of the brand’s products “looks really good, even premium, although Lorgar gear has affordable prices”. As for the products, Niku personally uses a Lorgar chair in his main setup, describing it as “insanely ergonomic.”

Overall, Niku advocates for ergonomic chairs:

“I am always telling my followers to get an ergonomic chair, it is worth the money, because your health is number one priority. You spend like 8 hours a day and you definitely need a good chair to support your back. Also, basic chairs can be kind of small size, of course it also depends on your body structure. At first, I made a mistake by myself and bought a cheap chair, my feet and back were hurting. Now with Lorgar chair the situation has changes dramatically and I always tell my viewers to buy an ergonomic chair”.

Regarding the Lorgar camera, Niku views it as an excellent option for its price point. While he considers it entry-level for his needs, he believes it would be a high-level camera for someone just starting their streaming journey.

“It is great that the camera goes with a ring light and you can adjust the brightness of the light, make it a bit darker, or brighter, if you don’t like that much light you can turn it off, so I love it. Orientation of the light can also be adjusted. The light it is a big thing because you can have a camera for $200, but if you don’t have the light, it will not show a good picture”,

added Niku.

Lorgar believes that the tournament participants enjoyed using its products. Lorgar’s commitment goes beyond providing high-quality gaming devices. The company strives to offer innovative improvements that enable gamers to have enjoyable experiences, enhance their skills, and develop expertise.

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